Corporate Finance – Conventional & Islamic

Strategic Advisory and arrangement of Conventional as well as Sharia compliant Islamic Finance for small, medium and large corporates. We have a team of designated specialists with expertise in each of the product segments under conventional as well as Islamic finance. We are well versed with the specific business requirements based on their size (small, medium & large), industry vertical and geographical presence.

strong understanding

We understand various local regulatory possibilities as well as constraints to which the business is subject to and our experts will always take the same into cognizance before advising on a particular solution. Our strong understanding of cyclicality associated with the a particular industry vertical gives us a robust edge in terms of advising a solution after taking into consideration its long term impact based on various micro and macro economic variables, instead of advising based on short sighted approach.


Our expert understanding of cross border trade and availability of various banking instruments to facilitate the same will strongly assist any business house in more efficient management of their cash flows including security of payment from their customers and receipt of goods from their suppliers.

techno-economic masters

Our strong association with various financial institutions in the geography keeps us abreast of best available pricing for short term as well as long term requirement of funds.We consider ourselves experts when it comes to evaluation and assessment of a project feasibility as well as techno-economic viability associated with same.

industry champions

We have a team of industry champions who are experts in their verticals with capability to deliver robust value addition when it comes to overall assessment of a green field as well as brown field project, structuring as well as arrangement of required equity and debt finance for the same, realistic assessment of project cash flows so as to ensure appropriate structuring of debt repayment; all of this at the best available cost.

multiple geographies capability

By virtue of our presence in multiple geographies we have the capability to structure the debt with the most cost efficient solution taking advantage of variable interest cost in different geographies. We are able to keep track of interest rate as well as other macro economic variables in multiple geographies and suitably advise our clients well in advance so as to ensure the corrective measures are taken well in advance; and wherever possible assist in reduction of finance cost with a fair mix of available banking instruments ensuring regulatory compliance.

We deal with the entire suite of corporate finance products and structures.

  • Cash credit / Overdraft / Short Term Loan
  • External Commercial Borrowings
  • FCNRB Loans
  • Supply Chain Finance – Channel Financing
  • Project Finance
  • Bridge Finance
  • Equity Backed Loan
  • Loan Against Shares
  • Lease Rent Discounting
  • Factoring With/Without Recourse
  • Fx Products – Forwards, Options, Swaps
  • Credit Default Swaps

Transaction banking products
  • Letter of Credits
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Standby Letter of Credits,
  • Loan Against Trust Receipts
  • Buyers Credit
  • Suppliers Credit
  • Bill Discounting
  • Cheque Discounting

  • Profit & Loss Sharing
    • Mudaraba
    • Musharaka
  • Sale and Lease Contracts
    • Murabaha Finance
    • Ijara / Diminishing Musharaka
    • Sight Bill Purchase
  • Sukuk- Asset Based Securities