Debt Collection

Past dues are the biggest worry for organizations. Even after taking adequate care and due diligence before entering into a business transaction there is always a risk associated when the services provided, goods sold, or loans advanced have a certain credit period associated with them especially in absence of adequate security. Various banks and NBFCs in lending business are grappling with huge NPAs and past dues. Similarly, other businesses with associated credit risks are hugely impacted with adverse effect on their finance costs and negative cash accruals when the dues from customers are not collected within agreed timelines.

corporate and individual debt collection
  • Debt Collection & Follow Ups
  • Debts Consolidation and Management
  • Legal Debt Collection
  • Skip Tracing
  • Settlement and Collection
Debt Collection Services for Corporates
  • Controlling Past Dues
  • Avoiding Debt trap
  • Control Finance Cost
  • Avoiding Bad Debts
Our Debt Collection Process includes
  • Entering into an agreement with client defining the scope of our services and charges
  • Sending Demand Notice to various customers who have defaulted on their payments
  • Phone Calls for recovery of amount due
  • Follow Up Notice for recovery of amount due
  • Ultimatum Notice for recovery of amount due
  • Client approvals for law suit
  • Engage legal attorney for judicial proceedings / arbitration
  • Judgement / Settlement proceedings