Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study looks at the viability of an idea / project with an emphasis on identifying potential problems. It attempts to answer two main questions: Will the idea / project work, and should you proceed with it?

We provide comprehensive project specific feasibility studies which will hugely assist in:

  • Identifying all the things you need to make the business / project work
  • Pinpoint logistical and other specific problems and solutions
  • Develop marketing strategies to convince a bank or investor that your business / project is worth considering as an investment
  • Serve as a solid foundation for developing your business plan

Our team of experts will associate with you on a turnkey basis to do a detailed study of the project, market, industry, regulations etc and provide a comprehensive study that will include following broad components:

  • Description of the Project: Describe the product or services to be offered.
  • Market Feasibility: This includes a description of the industry, the current market, anticipated future market potential, competition, sales projections, and potential buyers.
  • Technical Feasibility: This details how you will deliver your product or service, including issues of materials, labor, transportation, where your business will be located, and the technology needed.
  • Financial Feasibility: You should project how much startup capital you’ll need and detail potential sources of capital and returns on investment.
  • Organizational Feasibility: Define the legal and corporate structure of the business. You can also include professional background information about the founders and what skills they can contribute to the business.
  • Conclusions: Discuss how the business can succeed. Be honest in your assessment because investors won’t just look at your conclusions. They will also look at the data and will question your conclusions if they appear unrealistic.