Investment Advisory & Asset management – Corporates & HNIs (Conventional & Islamic)

Our Strength

Our Team – Our team constitutes of well experienced wealth managers and senior private bankers with a wide exposure of managing private wealth and family offices of large corporate & HNIs in GCC and India.

Our Advisory – Given the wide exposure, we have the capability to advise best investment strategy taking due consideration of the economic cycle and integrating the same with investment objectives of the client.

Our Database – We have access to a wealth of database in order to review the past financial crises, their causes, solutions advised to clients during such period and the outcomes of the solutions provided. 

Client Centric Approach – Depending upon clients’ requirement we advise on investments in multiple Asset class as well as wealth preservation and growth strat.

Our Investment Strategy

Balanced / Risk Averse approach laid on following pillars:
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Finding “safe” asset class
  • Safe haven jurisdictions and currencies
  • The best investment to hold during crisis
  • Positioning yourself and your assets to prosper regardless of Economic Cycle
  • Focus on assets and investments to buy based on economic cycle
    • Inflation versus deflation hedges
    • Are precious metals really a good hedge against inflation
    • Comparing the returns of various asset classes – real estate, sukuk, equities and commodities
  • Focus on economic sectors that will outperform based on cycle 
Sharia Compliant Structures:
We have a team of specialists who are experts in Sharia compliant Islamic banking and investment products, structures and strategies as listed below:
  • Islamic Asset Management & Funds – Equity, Sukuk, Ijarah, commodities and ETFs
  • Structuring Islamic Real Estate Investments 
  • Hedging tools and techniques in Islamic Finance Investment Management
  • Asset & Wealth Preservation Strategies – Portfolio Diversification 
We provide comprehensive services in various Islamic Asset Management products and funds, which includes:
Equity Funds
  • Reviewing structures and analyzing various jurisdictions
  • Investment styles: global, sector and country focus, long Vs short, market neutral, hedged
  • Equity screening criteria – comparing the various methods
Commodity funds 
  • Commodity Murabahah
  • Precious metal funds Vs non precious metals commodity funds
  • Funds utilizing forward sales and their permissibility 
Ijarah funds 
  • Types of permitted ijarah assets and structures 
  • Operating lease (Ijarah) funds
  • Real estate based Ijarah funds
Sukuk funds
  • Types of Sukuk and their structures 
  • Sukuk Vs asset backed securities
  • Trading and liquidity issues with sukuk funds
Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Comparing the structure of an ETF versus a fund
  • ETF investment styles
  • ETF advantages and benefits to investors over funds 
  • Limitations of ETFs – liquidity issues, premium, discounts, NAVs
Comparing return on Islamic funds Vs conventional funds and Assessing Islamic PE fund structures as under:
  • Shariah compliant PE structures
  • Islamic PE Vs conventional PE, analyzing the difference in structure and execution 
  • Advantages Islamic PE has over conventional PE to investors and owners of target company 
  • Using leverage to enhance returns – Shariah compliant leverage equivalents and limitations of use 
Hedging tools and techniques in Islamic Finance Investment Management 
  • Hedging using legal structures 
    • Evaluating counterparts risk 
    • Offshore legal structures to protect assets and minimize losses
  • Using tools such as Waad and Arbun, Takaful to manage associated risks
  • Managing currency risk
    • Managing currency risk exposures using Shariah compliant tools
    • Fx forward sales and their permissibility