Risk Management – Structuring & Advisory

Structuring Credit Risk

Structuring Credit Risk is integral part of our Corporate Finance and Investment Banking framework. This includes comprehensive list of activities pertaining to Financial due diligence, Legal due diligence, Valuation of Assets & Valuation of Businesses (using different methodologies)

Credit Risk Management

We strive for Best Practices in Credit Risk Management supported by our team of Risk Professionals which specializes in Credit Risk Assessment, Financial Modeling, Credit Scorecards and Risk Based Pricing.

Our thorough understanding of market and regulatory environment in GCC and India allows us appropriate identification of associated credit risks and mitigants as well as structuring of credit facilities to suitably addresses the credit risks

We not only rely on the statistical tools but also have a wide database of listed as well as unlisted corporates across industry segments which enriches our knowledge base when it comes to peer analysis for evaluation of trends in key ratios, receivables and payables turnaround period, debt coverage and interest coverage indicators, profitability and expense ratios as well as industry performance in general

Credit Risk Monitoring

Credit Risk Monitoring is one of the most essential tools for affective Credit Risk Management. Robust Infrastructure for Credit Risk Monitoring ensures there are no surprises and enables organization to take timely & appropriate corrective action.

We provide a very affective Credit Risk Monitoring framework for corporate credit as well as retail credit. This includes quarterly monitoring of key financial ratios, market valuations, stock and debtors’ inspection, Debtors Ageing, Debtors collection, cash flow monitoring with banks, Delinquency ratios, Past Dues Monitoring etc.

We have built a customized risk monitoring framework to suit specific requirements of various industry verticals. Our custom products provide affective solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Contracting, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale trade. This not only enables affective monitoring and ensuring timely corrective action but also safeguards shareholders / promoters’ wealth.