Succession Planning

Our team has the relevant exposure to guide and deliver on all key areas associated with Succession Planning, most important being associated client confidentiality given the sensitivities involved.

Our Expertise

We have a battery of lawyers, HR experts, management experts, leadership and PR consultants; who would not only assist in structuring the appropriate succession plan but also do the detailed assessment of current organization structure, family tree, profiling of candidates in terms of their skills and potential. Before delivering on appropriate plan the experts will also have to align the same in line with organizations strategy and wishes of founder patriarch; thus providing an affective guidance to identify, develop and choose a worthy candidate

Identifying future leaders

Our team of experts assist in identifying future leaders to ensure business continuity. We help in identifying high potential candidates who have the necessary skills, attitude and potential to be groomed for larger responsibilities in the organization

Valuations & Structuring

Since it involves identification, aggregation, valuation and appropriate structuring and allocation of family wealth so as to avoid any ambiguity in the event of any unforeseen eventuality, HNIs now realize the importance attached to this aspect

Family Settlements

Professional approach to succession planning avoids family disputes which is one of the key concern areas for HNIs and often left unattended due to lack of expertise, as well as lack of seriousness around same. Our team of professionals provides essential hand holding, structuring and legal guidance. We also have the required expertise for intermediation and negotiation to arrive at amicable settlements